OK, Teach, you can come back now! Seriously, I’m ready for you to come back … I need me some dance time.

If you didn’t read any of my recent posts, Teach is gone to Blackpool to watch and take in the sites with another of his students … and he won’t be back till Wednesday. So, being gone there and at a comp right before means that it’ll be a two-week break from our lessons. Most of the teachers were gone this last week as well … some on vacay and several went on the Blackpool trip.

However, WEDNESDAY night, I’ll have a lesson with Teach … can you tell I’m looking forward to it?


yes, I am this happy about it! (that’s not me)

June is a tricky month for lessons … Teach has one or two more comps he’s going to … I can’t remember … plus he’s taking a much needed week of vacation. That being said, my lessons with him for the month are a bit on the sketchy side. Although great for my pocketbook, hehe, not so great for everything else. Meaning … even my sister told me that she can tell the effects of my not having lessons and she’s looking forward to my getting back to them.

I think I’m so anxious to get back to learning and growing. I have been practicing on my own and studying and reading, but it’s not the same thing as one-on-one teaching. Plus, we have a pretty sweet little showcase we’re working on that I am really starting to dig.

Pretty sure one great way to keep an appreciation for something you really care about it is to experience some absence from it. I honestly feel like I have a better appreciation for how much I care about this dancing thing with these two weeks off. There have been breaks before, but I feel it keenly this time.


get to dancin’! (this isn’t me, either)