Within the last three days I’ve seen the same girl twice in my new little town. I don’t know her at all, but she really stood out. Since the second sighting today, it has made me think more about styling. I wouldn’t snag a pic of her on my phone without permission and I just usually don’t do that kind of thing. But, I did find a photo of this screen siren and it is a very close comparison to the mystery lady.


Both times I saw her, she was wearing a straw hat and very sweet outfit (blue gingham romper and long, strapless flower sundress respectively). And both times she made me think of Audrey Hepburn. When I call her mysterious, I don’t mean she had this aura about her that was off-putting … not at all. She looked like someone who would be fun to know. What she did have was just simple confidence. I mean, not many people these days pair a hat with their outfit on a regular basis … (maybe we should bring this back?)

That gets me to what I believe is important about your own look … confidence.

About six months ago I had an experience in the dance world that still makes me laugh. There is a fellow dancer I know who has lots of money. When I say lots, I mean she can take as many lessons as she wants, buy whatever dresses she wants, go to as many comps as she would desire, etc.  So, she came up to me one time and we were chatting briefly and she says, (in what I believe was a very sincere tone), “You know, there are products out there that can take care of those brown spots on your face?”

I looked at her in surprise, “You mean my freckles?”

She said, “Yes, you know they make products that will help those to fade and even go away.”

I thanked her for her comments but assured her that at present I was OK with having freckles on my nose and cheeks and currently feel they help to make who I am.  I am distinctly of English/Scottish descent and freckles are just part of the territory. Blonde hair … blue eyes .. fair skin … it’s the way of things. They are a part of my story. I’ve included an au natural picture of my face so you can really see the little offenders. 🙂


can you believe I posted a no-makeup picture on a ballroom blog? gasp

HA … no, seriously, I have no problem if other ladies (or men) want to get rid of their freckles and lines and all the things they feel should go.

But, I still firmly believe that the best look — no matter what — is a comfortable confidence.  I realize that looks and styling and flawlessness and an unnatural skin color are very prevalent and “important” in the dance world. However, perhaps we should just start with some simple confidence.

On that note … I’m gonna go shopping for a summer hat (probably not a blue gingham romper, though) and I welcome the inevitable 10-20 new freckles that will join my journey this summer — it’s my style!


kicking it to the curb …I love lucy