yeah, that’s right. It’s been pretty much a year since my last post. I don’t even know how that could have happened, except life got kinda crazy. (I also forgot to renew my domain name and now can’t seem to get it configured to my wordpress account … you know, techy stuff, blah.)

since this last post of mine, I’ve done 3 studio events and competed at Atlanta the Classic … in which I got my tushy pretty much kicked — but, I learned a whole lot. 🙂

I feel very far behind on all my online ballroom friends … it’s gonna take a while to catch. nevertheless (don’t get to use that word very much), I am still dancing! Having coaching soon with sergei shapoval for some choreography. Maybe I’ll have something fascinating to share from that experience. Instead of going over the last year, I think I’ll just pick up with where I am now.

hope the village is doing well … catching up on your stories right now …