I’m working on building up this page with some of my favorite sources for all things ballroom! Check back regularly for updates …

Technique: (Some of the videos have been temporarily hidden because of people arguing about the point of view. I’m leaving the links up and hoping they will reactivate them soon.)

Fun pictures of ballroom to see style and form!

On building connections between partners


Justyna Hawkins on Dancing Natural

Peter Stokkebroe on Weight Transfer (“Your standing leg is determined by your hip movement.” “Never underestimate the impact of isolating foot speed.”)

Horst Beer on Rumba Walks

Antonio Gioncada on How to Use the Joints

Shirley Ballas on Artistry (“Never underestimate the ability of the foot to paint a picture on the floor.”


What are judges looking for?

Fun take on Judges’ Scores


85852-nikolaipilipenchuk-nataliaskorikovaNDCA 2016 schedule

USA Dance  schedule

Dancesport  schedule


Deirdre of London

latin_ballroom_dancing15aDesigns to Shine

Encore Ballroom Couture

Fashions for Passion

1 thought on “Resources”

  1. Marian Condon said:

    Outstanding resources, B.C. Thanks!

    A fellow professor.

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